Monday, February 1, 2010

Astrology of Kurt Haskell and the Christmas bomber

Happy birthday Kurt! This is a chart for the courageous Kurt Haskell, and his transits for Christmas Day 2009. I don't have times for either one, so a natural chart. Click on it for a better view.
Kurt and his wife Lori were on the plane with the young Nigerian guy Mutallab, known as the Christmas bomber, or the underwear bomber. Kurt saw Mutallab with an Indian man Kurt calls the "sharp dressed man" at the airport gate in Amsterdam. Kurt heard the "sharp dressed man" requested Mutallab be allowed on the plane even though he didn't have a passport- and he is the one who convinced one of the best secured airports IN THE WORLD to let this young scared kid onto the airplane, without a passport but with a bomb. Kurt has given interviews, been  all over the internet.  My my my, NBCABCCBSCNN never told us that story. The US government did all it could to discredit his story.
Now, weeks later, the Detroit Free Press is the only newspaper reporting "U.S. federal agents and Dutch counter-terrorism officials are investigating whether a second man helped the Nigerian bombing suspect get on the flight to Detroit on Friday without a passport, as a man from Newport, Mich., said he saw before he boarded the flight."
Now, notice several things about this chart. Transiting Venus conjunct Venus and exactly square Pluto. So Kurt ALWAYS has Venus square Pluto, he is ALWAYS interested in a good mystery. Venus set it off. SWEET, Venus thought, a mystery! Transiting Mercury EXACTLY conjunct Mercury: he is ABSOLUTELY sure of what he saw, somehow all the details kept his attention. He is a lawyer, and with Mercury in Capricorn he knows how to pay attention, has been trained in asking and answering questions. Kurt has Mars conjunct Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, he will not back down if he knows he is right. Honor, loyalty, honesty aren't just for boy scouts. And by God, he KNOWS he is right. He KNOWS what he saw, what he heard. A little subtle government pressure to recant pushed all his buttons and made him even MORE determined to speak up. All 3 of those upright Sag planets are trine Chiron in Aries. And Chiron in Kurts chart is making a T square with the major aspect of the day, Sun/Pluto square Saturn. God bless you Kurt, for believing that honor matters, standing up for what is right matters. Pluto square Saturn really does mean conspiracies might be real, and governments will do whatever it takes to maintain their power. If you don't know the story, please, read it and pass it on. They have an amazing account of all of the government shenanigans on their blog

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