Thursday, February 4, 2010

Astrology of James Arthur Ray, spiritual leader arrested for manslaughter

click on chart for larger clearer view                                                October 8, 2009 a group of Spiritual Warriors entered a sweat lodge. A couple of hours of intense heat and no air left 2 people dead, and a 3rd died a week later. Yesterday he was charged with manslaughter. What in the world happened? The leader is a man named James Arthur Ray, author of numerous books, appeared on Oprah, has led this kind of thing for years. This group had an extreme wilderness experience, including sleeping in the desert and fasting for 36 hours. They returned to the main lodge, were served a breakfast buffet, and then at 3 PM 50+ people entered a plastic covered "sweat lodge". OK, let's stop right there. I don't know much about this sort of thing, but a fast (including no or very little water) followed by a big meal followed by an hours long sweat lodge?? 50+ people in the dark in extreme heat, while he waited outside?? What was he thinking? So I drew up the chart. I only know his date of birth, so this is a natural chart, and while he is a New Moon child, we don't know the exact degree of his Moon. The outer circle is for 5 PM, when he called a halt and the group pulled out two dying participants. 

So, he invited people to pay a ton of money ($9-$10,000) for a spiritual experience. He led people into a situation for which he did not have enough knowledge or training. He put them into a dangerous situation using a make believe version of a real sweat lodge (the real thing is made of BREATHABLE materials, not plastic tarps, and would never have 50 absolute beginners inside). And then he sat outside while people became not just uncomfortable, but ill unto death.

The first thing I noticed is his new Moon in Sag, and Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Sag.  Honesty, integrity and getting all the details right are what I would expect. Venus in Capricorn. Please explain to me how this translates into someone who didn't do his homework. He always has Sag Sun square Pluto in Virgo and transiting Pluto set that off exactly. Again, to me this would show a person who has great intensity AND integrity. How in the world could he have failed in his role as protector like this? I kept looking, cast the progressed chart for the day, not much to see, just pMars conjunct Saturn. Again highlighting responsibility. 

OK, here is something else. Progressed Jupiter changed signs just a couple of months before this tragedy, for the first time and only time in his life. It left Libra and entered Scorpio, and all year it is making an exact aspect to his Sun. So I began to focus on Jupiter in the natal chart, since it is the ruler of Sag. His natal Jupiter is 22 Libra. In the sky on that day were Chiron, Neptune, Uranus and Venus all at 22 or 23 degrees. Transiting Jupiter was trine transiting Sun that day. The Moon set it off, creating a transiting grand trine at that exact time. And all were within 1 degree of his Mercury, creating a kite formation. Could he have been in a trance, having an out of body experience, or just so deeply in meditation that he was actually unaware of the situation? Any other suggestions? Sure seems odd.

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  1. If you look at eclipses, he had a Lunar Eclipse in July 2009 conjunct his Venus and then, in Aug 2009, another Lunar Eclipse conj his Chiron and opposing his Uranus. Before that, the Solar Eclipse in Aug 2008 was within tight orb (2 degrees) of being conjunct his Uranus and opp his Chiron, so those planets were already very sensitive to future transits and eclipses.

    These planets make sense in light of the situation with Venus ruling not only money, but relationships, Chiron being the Wounded Healer and having obvious shamanistic tendencies, and Uranus indicating not only things that are cutting edge and kind of "out there", but also surprises and the unexpected happening quickly!

    The day of the accident, both tr Sun and tr Moon were triggering both lunar eclipse degrees ... via Sun square his Venus (and the July eclipse) and Moon trine his Chiron/sextile Uranus (and the August eclipse).

    With the Sun and Mars currently triggering the Aug 2009 eclipse degree (Sun conj Chiron, Mars within orb of conj Uranus) as well as the earlier Solar Eclipse from 2008, it makes sense that the charges regarding this would be filed now.