Monday, February 22, 2010

Johnny Cash astrology chart using Kepler 7

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Johnny Cash astrology video on youtube 
 I love the visual parts of astrology, especially the patterns the aspects make. This chart shows why I am having such a great time with Kepler 7. When I got this latest update, it was because I finally got a new computer and Windows 7. Turns out I had been using Kepler 5 for eight years! The new one is such an improvement, I play every day.

Please notice how much easier it is to read because this program allows me to eliminate the minutes, placing the attention where it is important, the degrees. Notice how much easier it is to see which aspects are more important, because the program allowed me to choose which aspects I wanted, and vary the width of the lines to show the strongest ones. Save the chart as a jpg, or gif, or many other choices. Thanks to KEPLER! Thank you.

This is the birthchart of Johnny Cash, AstroDataBank rated "from memory". Here the colors of the planets represent the elements: red fire, yellow/tan air, green earth, blue water. One air planet - Saturn, strong in it's own sign and house, representing the requirement to communicate no matter what it took. Sun Mercury Mars looking for the innermost path in Pisces, which is made even less worldly in the 12th house. All the Pisces planets are conjunct, and all three oppose the ruler of Pisces and the 12th house, Neptune. 
A teeter totter. Balanced on 2 more aspect sets.

Venus conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter. 
Chiron sextile Pluto. 
All 5 of these are within a few degrees and create a bigger picture.  The slightest shift of the supports sending the teeter totter on it's way. 
Me/Not me. 
Urgent intuitive love/ revolutionary/ grandiose.  
Easy path/ Or pain and hopeless demands
Insecurity required/ faithful tenacity desired. 
All of this massive inner life 
rendered in full color on the BIG screen of God's world, 
with /or without popcorn. 

A new album is being released this week: Ain't No Grave. 
I'm sure we won't have to wait long to hear it.

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