Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring March - June astrology transits

VIDEO Spring March - June transits

Mars turns direct, and not a moment too soon!
As soon as it turns direct it forms a wonderful helpful aspect to Saturn.  Don't let all that drive dissipate, look for ways to make it more productive. Saturn can help you focus your intention.

April is full to overflowing with the latest round in Saturn Uranus opposition. Notice how the labels are falling off. Who is conservative and about which issues? Who is really the radical now? Is that a wise course of action, or must we move fast and faster, not enough time to make carefully thought out choices?

June finds Jupiter racing through the tail end of Pisces, leaping headlong into the fire to join Uranus entry into Aries.
Just for a teeny little bit; then they both back up into the water, to cool down again.

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