Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Runway astrology: Nina Garcia

She has held major positions at important fashion magazines, written 2 well received books, and of course is one of 3 judges for Project Runway. 
Ok, Nina, what does you chart show us? Well, Sun conjunct Venus in Taurus is a good start for interest in the arts. Not very close, 5 degrees apart. But my goodness, look at all the aspects! Sun/Venus opposition Neptune offers insight into current trends. Sun/Venus aspecting Mars/Uranus/Pluto brings stamina, determination and flair. In Virgo it reveals the critical eye that makes contestants cringe. The fact that the aspect is a trine makes it EASY for her to be so critical. Sun/Venus is sextile Saturn/Chiron. Saturn gives her endurance, not sure what Chiron contributes. Although I just heard the term MAVERICK applied to Chiron by Jay Jawer at StarIQ, and that really seems to fit. She seems to feel destined to be a maverick, or maybe with Pluto also involved, compelled is a better choice of words. And Mercury in Aries is surely a sharp tongue, especially true here because it is midway between all important Venus and Saturn. We don't know the time she was born, so this is a natural chart, and I also took out the Moon because it muddied up the aspects. But she does have Moon in Gemin, between 6 and 18 degrees. Need for constant variety, square and possibly exactly square, at least one of those Virgo planets. This is not the chart of a warm fuzzy person. Nina seems cold and not interested in the contestants as people. Of course, that's the public side. She is a wife and mother, and  Sun/Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn is almost sure to get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction out of that part of her life.

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