Thursday, February 18, 2010

The astrology of Amy Bishop: Two shootings compared

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Thought you all might want to take a look for yourself at some of the charts of this bizzaro episode.
I'm still uncomfortable with the accuracy of a date of birth for Amy. Some are saying 4/24/65. She graduated high school in 1983, so that makes sense. But the police listed her as 19 years old at the time of her brother's shooting in 1986. Current police show Feb 4, 1968, meaning she graduated high school at 15. ?? I will wait and see about her DOB.
Here we have 2 dates we know for sure. The inner circle is for December 6, 1986 at 2:22 PM when the police were called to the family home where she shot her brother Seth. The outer ring is for the more recent shooting of the faculty in Alabama.

When Amy was loaded into a police car in Alabama, the TV camera showed her saying "It didn't happen. There's no way. They are still alive." OMG! Has she convinced herself that since the first one was ruled accidental, she can get away with murder? No one knows what really happened the day she shot her brother. Did she fight with her father, or was it with her brother? Where was the shotgun, and how did she get her hands on it? Was this really an accident, or an act of extreme anger? Was the gun aimed at her brother, or was she just randomly shooting in anger? Whatever happened, the story becomes "accidental". How many people KILL their own brother?? Surely she relives it every day of her life. Who would continue to live on that property, as she did, and raise her children for more than a decade in the shadow of her own horror story? What does it do to a person's mind to know they killed their own brother, and to daily walk in and out of the space where it happened?

The first thing I saw when I compared the two shootings: Moon in Aquarius in both of them. Aquarius has a unique ability to dissociate. Is that what happened, perhaps both times? The first shooting the Moon was at 25 Aquarius, the second time Neptune, Chiron and the Sun are all conjunct at 25-26 Aquarius! And the Moon just hours from new at the same degree! 

Second thing I noticed - Pluto of the second shooting conjunct Neptune of the first, triggered by Mercury, Venus, Mars AND Saturn at the same degree.

Third, Venus/Jupiter of the 2nd shooting conjunct Mars of the first. 

OH, and the first shooting has Taurus rising, ruled by Venus, with Venus EXACTLY conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. EXACTLY trine Mars. Love, anger, violence, blood, death, family tragedy. Mystery upon mystery. What a story.


  1. I do not believe any source thus far has listed an accurate birth date for Amy Bishop.

    The Braintree police report of her brother's death lists the brother's birth year as 1968. Curiously, Amy's birth date is missing from the report. The Madison County Jail, where Bishop is being held, lists her birth date as February 5, 1968. Again not possible if her brother was born that year. The Braintree police department had access to the brother's firearm permit for that date. If he was under 18 he would not have been given the permit. The original Wikipedia entry on Amy Bishop listed her birth date as February, 1965.

    I think it is likely that Amy was born February 4, 1965, but until there is an official document we will not know for sure.

  2. Ah, thank you Starry night!
    I agree - wait and see.