Monday, March 18, 2013

3D Printing invented

I was lucky enough to hear a group discussion and the inventor told how he had recently celebrated the 30th birthday of 3D printing. He gave the date and TIME, but not the place. I have used Palo Alto for this chart. He said this was the time the first item was printed from a machine, and the machine worked.
Since I am all agog over 3D printing I had to see the chart. And so here it is for you to see, too.
Please notice that EXACT aspects are all important! Notice how much fire there is, how there is plenty of cardinal and mutable, but no fixed energy.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

The new pope has
Sun 25 Sag exactly conjunct the North Node
Moon in Aquarius, though we don't know what degree - this chart is for Noon, so the Moon is 1-13 degrees of Aquarius
Mercury at 11 Capricorn - which is EXACTLY where Pluto is right now!
Venus 7 Aquarius
Mars 19 Libra

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ron Paul and the Libertarian Convention

So many supporters are urging Ron Paul to run on the Libertarian ticket that I decided to check out what that looks like. WOW!
This chart is draw up for Saturday during a 5 day event. I figure this will be the big day.
Transiting Mars EXACTLY conjunct natal Mercury. And opposing natal Saturn, trine natal Uranus.
So the energy of Mars highlights his most important characteristic.
Transiting Sun is trine natal Jupiter, and transiting Jupiter is trine natal Venus.
These are very good aspects for anyone.
Transiting Sun is almost conjunct transiting Jupiter, in fruitful Taurus, close to Dr. Paul's Moon.
(This is NOT his official birthtime, as we don't know it. However it works SO WELL that I have been using it. But that means his Moon especially could be a few degrees off .)
Then there are a bunch of lesser aspects to notice.
Transiting Mercury exactly trine natal Sun.
Transiting Venus exactly square natal Venus.
And as the day continues the transiting Moon crosses that notable Mars Jupiter conjunction, currently magnified by the long Progressed Sun conjunction that gives Dr. Paul so much energy. 

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paul Ryan and outer transits for 2011

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Time unknown, chart cast for noon

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul August 13 Iowa Straw Poll

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We know Ron Paul was born August 20 but we don't know the time, so this chart is cast for Noon.
He is Leo with Moon in Taurus. The Moon was between 14 and 26 degrees of Taurus that day, but without knowing the exact time we cannot know the exact degree.
His Sun and Mars are both really activated right now. The Sun has plenty of support from progressed Mercury and Venus  all year. Mars is very supported by the progressed Sun conjunction ALL YEAR.
This would indicate a wellspring of strength is at his disposal.