Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lisa Marie Presley

Ah, Lisa Maria.
What can we say about you that hasn't already been said? Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces, Leo rising. 6 planets in mutable signs.
Aquarius is so supportive and such a decent friend,  a visitor to this still undeveloped planet. Pisces is so empathetic, so aware of pain, and sometimes feels the world as a living hell.  The combination inspires poetry, music, fantasy. Escapism. Prayer. Who else would marry Michael Jackson? Who else but that altruistic Aquarian Lisa Maria, with Moon, Mercury, Mars AND Chiron in Pisces? His pain was palpable, her attempts to help him laudable. But the whole thing looked like a weird plot to cover up or distract attention from his legal problems involving small children, weird over nights, and blackmail. They married just as transiting Chiron was conjunct her Jupiter, and transiting Saturn in Pisces just past her Mercury, about to conjunct her Mars. "valiant rescue attempt hits reality"
But the muse of music lives within her. Neptune is trine her Moon/Mars/Chiron, all 3 in Neptune's own sign of Pisces. She writes, sings, records and sells music. She has 4 children. She has a life, work she loves, and a family. It might not be what others want, it might not be what she wants, but she is living in the world, not locked away from it. Moon conjunct Mars is so strange to find in Pisces, isn't it? What a contradiction. Wishy washy speed freak? Shape shifter, angry martyr? Sexy romantic? Most likely, all of the above at different times, quickly responding to her environment. Pluto is about to conjunct her Venus, exact next year on her birthday. In the 6th house of work and health. Transformation, obsession, struggle, death and rebirth of relationships.  Good luck this year, Lisa Marie. One thing is sure: whatever happens, you will turn it into music.

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