Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Astrology of RuPaul

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RuPaul! How nice to see you again, you are looking fabuloso, if I may say.
New Moon in Scorpio. Cancer rising. Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio, the Moon rules Cancer. Mars is conjunct the ascendant, and trines Moon. OOOH la la, so many changes to make, so much to explore - in depth.

Saturn is so prominent, conjunct the descendant, opposing Mars, sextile Moon. Strong and dominant in it's own sign, comfortable in the 7th house.  "I will stand up for sissies everywhere'

Of course, WE see the ascendant, but RuPaul is deeply deeply Scorpio, so no one knows the many depths and layers, we only see what he wants us to see.  Strongly placed in the 5th house, Sun is EXACTLY square Uranus demanding liberty, AND square Chiron demanding inner healing. I love seeing how well you have used that mysterious Mercury conjunct Neptune, known for wild imagination and excess, here in Scorpio, the sexiest sign. And of course, Venus conjunct Jupiter, the favorite of artists across time.  In Capricorn, not exactly playful, but yet, it is fun and funny if everyone is WORKING TOGETHER. Love to work, love to work with people who will get down to business and WORK!

I took a look at the charts for the 1st show of "RuPaul's Drag Race Feb 2, 2009. WHEW, wow ee zow ee. Progressed Sun and Mercury just recently came over the line of the horizon for the first time ever, often a big
jolting outward real life event.
Progressed Sun and Mercury are EXACTLY conjunct your natal Saturn, 
also a once in a life time event. 
But wow does that emphasize how difficult this show was for you to pull off, Mr. OverAchiever. AND transiting Pluto was conjunct your Venus/Jupiter!
What is that old Scorpio slogan? Oh yes
Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible
Miguel de Unamuno


  1. didn't know he was a scorpio! looooove rupaul. 5th house sun square uranus and chiron, mercury and neptune conjunct neptune... makes sense. before i read this all i could guess was 'hmmm... gotta be some serious aquarius, pisces, and scorpio going on here." ha!

  2. And how very thoughtful to leave his birthtime on his website biography! Yeah, you're right, that sun/uranus square feels like some serious aquarius!