Saturday, February 20, 2010

Astrology of Tiger Woods Apology

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OK, let's take a look, shall we? Tiger is a Capricorn, with Mercury also in Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and here we see his Saturn is 1 Leo. At the time of the crash his Saturn was closely aspected by transiting Saturn (helpful sextile) and Pluto (inharmonious inconjunct). At the TIME of the crash (time is a keyword for Saturn) transiting Saturn was in his first house (how he is seen) and conjunct to the transiting Ascendant (super noticible). And the transiting Sun and Moon formed a VERY BRIEF grand trine with his Saturn. So Saturn, his ruling planet, representing responsibility, stature, maturity, pride in work well done, was having a lot of POSITIVE aspects from all but Pluto. At the time of the crash. Hmmm.
At the TIME of the apology, transiting Saturn and Pluto had barely moved. Mars is transiting directly on top of his Saturn, acting as a major itchy trigger finger, and the Sun is exactly inconjunct in Pisces, known for it's faith in the power of the mea culpa. The first thing I read said even if he was sincere in his apology,  his timing was off, trying to attract attention during a major tournament.
So much for Saturn. 

Tiger has 23 Virgo rising, and wow was that set off at the time of the crash by transiting Uranus EXACTLY opposite and Neptune EXACTLY inconjunct. "NOBODY is ever going to see me the same way again!" Venus acted as a trigger at the time of the crash. By the time of the apology Uranus and Neptune had moved on, changed houses, no longer aspecting the ascendant. But they both moved into aspect with his Mercury (how we think and communicate). The swiftly moving Ascendant was exactly trine natal ascendant, and creating a grand trine with his natal Mercury. Helping make communication a little easier is one way of looking at it. Slow and sure wins the race.

Notice that the crash has Libra rising ruled by Venus, and Venus was in Scorpio, almost conjunct his own Venus. WHOOOHOO lets talk about SEX. Let's see the dirty photos, eh what? The apology has Taurus rising, also ruled by Venus, and this time Venus is in Pisces. Compassion, empathy, "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone".


  1. Thanks for the insightful in-depth play by play. I found his apology sounding somewhat stiff like he had a stick up his butt....Virgo rising ?

  2. Heck yes. But I finally forced myself to watch a little bit of the overly long lingering apology, and saw him bend and kiss his MOTHER's cheek! Oh my gosh he knew what was about to come, worse by a million percent than disdane from the reporters: he knew his mother was there, listening to all this! Humiliating Punishment indeed.