Thursday, February 11, 2010

Astrology of Alexander McQueen

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"I heard the news today, oh boy." Top fashion designer dies, apparent suicide. Over the top designer, unorthodox, unique, youngest ever, L'Enfant terrible, daring, edgy, fearless. As I read the articles about him, what did I expect to find in his chart? Uranus, surely strong and well aspected. Here we see his Uranus EXACTLY conjunct Jupiter in Libra and both EXACTLY opposition Chiron. Transiting Saturn is sitting right on top of that Uranus/Jupiter, and transiting Pluto squares it all. DO SOMETHING, they both insist in a chart full of action. The past 2 days the Moon in Capricorn triggered this massive cardinal T square. His mother died 10 days ago, and co-workers report he has been in bed ever since, dreading her funeral tomorrow. No time of birth was found, his Moon (representing here the Mother) was somewhere between 27 Aquarius and 9 Pisces. 

Transiting Uranus also played a part, EXACTLY conjunct his Sun which is always EXACTLY opposition Pluto. There are many other transits showing up right now. For example, transiting Jupiter is EXACTLY conjunct his Mercury. And even Mercury, finally exiting morose Capricorn, entering Aquarius, was at the EXACT degree of his Jupiter yesterday, making a nice easy trine. Doesn't Jupiter offer hope, peace, joy? Sun always opposition Pluto, Death is always waiting in the wings, the eternal unbidden friend. His Saturn is conjunct Venus, a pairing that all too often tells the story "nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms". Combined with Sun and Mercury in Pisces, was he chronically depressed? Did Jupiter in Pisces offer him the hope of no pain, the peace of no suffering, joy at last in the arms of his always faithful friend, Death?


  1. this is a great opportunity to illustrate how transits affect different people.

    I was born just days after him, so have a very similar planetary make-up, though my Sun is conjunct Chiron and North Node at 00 Aries and my Moon is conjunct my Midheaven at 3 Taurus. And even though I, too, am experiencing the Saturn/Pluto transits you mentioned, I'm neither depressed nor despondent and am not entertaining thoughts of suicide.

    And as for the Saturn/Venus conjunction being the "nobody loves me, everyody hates me..." energy you mentioned, I've never found that to be the case.

    What I've discovered is that my Saturn/Venus conjunction puts a strong technical skill and rock solid determination behind my artistic endeavors. And with Alexander McQueen, we can see that as well. His clothes, though presented in often controversial shows, were known for their exquisite tailoring and breathtaking skill.

    Creating structured garments with meticulous stitching, detailed embroidery, intricate beading ... sounds like Saturn/Venus to me.

    As for his death, it might be interesting to consider -- since we don't have a time of birth -- to consider the possibility that perhaps his Moon was in early-Pisces and hit by an earlier Lunar Eclipse at 1 Pisces which is just now being triggered by Venus.

    With his mother's death earlier this month, that Venus energy triggering his Pisces Moon with Jupiter may have been enough to romanticize the idea of taking his life to join her.

  2. Lonliness is a keyword for Saturn/Venus, so lucky you if you have escaped that. His chart has such a large number of EXACT aspects, I was spellbound. A few days makes a big difference in exactitude, if you will. Jupiter probably is not transiting exactly conjunct your Mercury.You don't have the exact Sun Pluto opposition that he had, and that's exactly where transiting Uranus is sitting, was sitting at his death. Jonathan, thank you so much for your insight, and great word choice. Especially loved the way you describe Saturn/Venus, and transiting Venus.
    ;>) Pam

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