Monday, February 22, 2010

Ron Paul Astrology: Looking at November 2012

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Video: Ron Paul Election Day 2012 

I've heard from so many people re: Ron Paul Video of the CPAC strawpoll win who all want to know the same thing: WHAT DOES NOVEMBER LOOK LIKE? OK, OK already, I'm looking.

We already talked about his natal Mercury/ Saturn opposition which is helped by aspects to natal Uranus. This was the important aspect we just looked at, because transiting Jupiter was EXACTLY conjunct natal Saturn for the CPAC win. Election day November 6, 2012 shows transiting Chiron occupying that same place, and EXACTLY  aspecting Uranus at 5 degrees Taurus. Moon is in Leo all day, but for part of the day it creates a fire grand trine with transiting Uranus 5 Aries and transiting Mercury at 4 Sag, thus triple triggering Ron Paul's natal Uranus.  Since Uranus can rule upsets, the unexpected, even revolution, this is quite significant.

Natal Uranus is always trine his natal Mercury, and they form a fascinating pattern in the sky for a lot longer than just election day. Transiting Pluto is already creating a grand trine, which is exact on and off for the next couple of years. Progressed Mars is ALSO ALREADY creating the same grand trine for at least 2 years! Grand trines are considered storehouses of potential, but the individual has to CHOOSE to use the potential. This grand trine interacts with his natal Saturn to form a KITE, which, as the name implies, has the ability to HARNESS the vast energy latent in potential, and fly!

The next most significant transit involves his natal Chiron which always aspects Jupiter EXACTLY, and closely aspects Mars and Neptune. On election day we find planets setting off all of these. First comes lucky Jupiter EXACTLY conjunct his Chiron, and thus EXACTLY aspecting natal Jupiter, while very closely aspecting Mars and Neptune. Progressed Sun is EXACTLY conjunct natal Mars (once in a lifetime!) and triggered by transiting Sun. The reason this is important is energy. After the last presidential run he sometimes looked so very tired. This time, he will have a lot more help, and will finish with plenty of energy.

Will he run? Who knows. Will he win? No. Will he make a difference? Always.

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