Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dakota Fanning: Astrology of a Pisces artist

Oh Pisces girl!
Dakota Fanning has Sun EXACTLY conjunct Saturn in the sign of Pisces. Venus makes three, a lot of Pisces energy.
The dreamer, soft, sensual, intuitive, compassionate.
Saturn adds RESPONSIBILITY.  Hard work is to be expected.
The major aspect we see here is a bunch of MUTABLE oppositions, all to Chiron. With so many roads, how to choose which one to take CAN become a major energy drain. 
Thankfully she has some very different aspects also.

Mercury is EXACTLY square Pluto/nNode. I don't look at the
nNode all the time, but couldn't quite feel this fixed energy pattern until I added it to the mix. She could feel COMPELLED to choose a certain path, no matter if it suits her gentle Pisces sensibilities.

The Moon is trine to Pluto/nNode.
[for techies: This aspect is called seperating out of sign. It is not as potent as it would have been a few hours earlier, when the Moon was in Cancer, because the Moon is quickly moving away from the exact trine it made when it was at 28 degrees Cancer. Pluto is in water you would expect a trine to be in water, but the Moon has in the past few hours moved into early Leo.]  But the only other aspects the Moon makes are close inconjuncts (inharmonious) to the Sun/Saturn. So, we'll take this Moon/ Pluto trine as a very major aspect indeed. Cheerful and warm, the crowd loves her. Her response (Moon) comes with such depth (Pluto), so easily (trine) it is so easy to believe her.  Isn't that the definition of acting?

With Taurus rising Venus is her ruling planet. Venus makes an EXACT trine to Jupiter, so common in the charts of successful artists. In this case it is in water, emotional and possibly impulsive. Loving creature comforts, unless the Pisces guilt sets in. Bountiful princess, dreamer of glorious dreams, the world is at your command.
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