Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Judge Judy astrology

Now lets take a look at another very famous TV judge: Judge Judy. Like Simon, she is a Libra.They both have Sun Mars and Mercury in Libra. Yes, Libra is symbolized by the scales, because they like fair play, and don't make decisions lightly. Like Simon she has major Jupiter and Saturn influences. Unlike Simon she has no Virgo. In Judge Judy's chart Sun Mars and Venus are all conjunct in Libra and all 3 square Jupiter. She is a BIG Judge, and demands respect. Mercury is exactly trine Saturn, creating an ease, it is easy for her to command respect, she listens well and speaks with clear authority. What is so astonishing to me is the total lack of earth in her chart! I sure wouldn't have guessed that. Another thing they have in common: they really are what they play on TV. Judge Judy was actually a family court judge in Los Angeles for many years, and of course Simon Cowell used his excellent ear to judge talent long before American Idol.


  1. Hi Pismo Pam, I like your style (to the point and clear)!:)