Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Martha Coakley loses the Big Race

The "BIG Race" that none of us even heard about until this week is over.
Martha lost. Martha Coakley has Sun conjunct Mars and Uranus in Cancer. She is used to unpredictability in life, and has a ton of energy to get her own way. All 3 square Saturn Neptune, so she has a lot of cardinal energy, a risk taker,  path blazer, she knows how to stand up to power and get her own way. What is most mysterious is that on this most important election of her life, she had no major transits to her chart! How can that be? Of course, we don't know her time of birth, perhaps her Moon would explain a lot. But she also has no planets in earth signs. Only little Chiron in Capricorn, and her Moon could be in Virgo. She has no strong aspects to Jupiter, so she never relies on luck. One of the other funny things I noticed: she and Scott have NOTHING in common - nothing except Chiron opposition Uranus! What the heck do you think that means, eh?

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