Saturday, January 23, 2010

The astrology of Jon Stewart

Watching a clip of Jon Stewart last night on youtube, I though, gee, wonder what HIS chart looks like?! So, thought I'd take a look. As I would expect, he has several EXACT aspects. Sun makes exact (within 1 degree) aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus AND Chiron!! That is a lot, folks, a LOT of exact aspects to his Sun. Jupiter offers humor and good luck. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, so we already look to Jupiter to learn more about Jon. Sun square Jupiter builds a very expansive view of the world, especially since Jupiter is in Pisces, which it co-rules. Saturn offers stability, maturity and the desire for a clear conscience in order to sleep well at night. Saturn is also very strong in the sign it co-rules, Aquarius. Uranus shakes things up, wants change, but can feel very scary when it squares the Sun: will I be up the the challenge the incoming changes bring? WHY do I keep shaking things up, because then I have to keep dealing with all this change!? And Chiron? What does Chiron offer? Conjunct Jupiter and square his Sun? Jupiter in Pisces wants peace and harmony for the world. Perhaps he is more deeply wounded by the suffering of the world, the lack of peace and harmony. Perhaps Chiron insists that he is more capable of doing something of a healing nature for the greater good, than the average joe. Or perhaps it insists on finding a path to personal freedom. He is currently rated the NEWS reporter people trust the most! On Comedy Central! Come on, that is FUNNY! Sun Moon Mercury in Sag just sees the world as a funny place, a place full of things to learn, honor to be won. Thanks for the laughs, Jon, and for helping us grow with humor.

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