Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) January 21

Paul Allen, along with Bill Gates, founded Microsoft. That makes him one of the most important folks in the world. Thought it would be interesting to see his chart. Yes, he has Mercury square Saturn and Neptune, which can impart great determination and mental agility. Yes, he has nice personal aspects to Jupiter which brings luck. But he has Venus and Mars conjunct in Pisces! When was the last time you saw that and thought "oh wow, this person will probably run one of the largest companies on the planet"?? Venus and Mars trine Uranus and since he has Sun in Aquarius "that's nice". Come on, really! None of the bright and shining aspects I would have expected. Here's the kicker. I just did posts on Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. The ONLY thing their charts had in common was  Chiron Uranus in opposition. What was really intriguing was that Scott has it in Aquarius/Leo while Martha's is Capricorn/Cancer. Now I find the very next chart I do, Paul Allen, geek billionaire, has EXACT Chiron Uranus opposition! I tell you, I have become very interested in Chiron. I would love to know more. Any suggestions on what to read would be much appreciated.

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