Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown won the Big Race

Scott Brown won the Big Race that none of us heard of until this week.
How in the world did he pull that off? He always has Mars square Saturn, and right now that is being set off to the max by tPluto conjoining his Saturn and tSaturn conjoining his Mars! Now I ask you, would you have advised him that this would be his lucky day?? Of course, with 4 planets in Virgo, it isn't luck, he just works harder than most of us. Venus conjunct Pluto, he is a lover of power, and tPluto trines that right now. He's very earthy, willing to do the dirty work of politics. Jupiter smiled on him at the very last minute, entering Pisces and opposing his Venus just 2 days before the election. His Venus always trines Saturn, and tJupiter came in and added an extra dollop, sextiling Saturn for good measure. Add Moon in Pisces on election day, and there you have it: Scott won the Big Race. So Martha had no major transits on election day, while Scott had a ton.

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