Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dog Whisperer: astrology of Cesar Millan

Truth be told, I am not a 'dog person', I much prefer kids. While visiting my daughter, we watched a couple of episodes of the Dog Whisperer, and I was dumb founded. After that I kept saying "Your son needs YOU to be in charge. This bad behavior is because he is afraid just like the dogs are. He knows he shouldn't be the leader of the pack. PLEASE, do your job as mother, be the leader of your pack!"

Today I couldn't find a time of birth, only the date, so this is a natural chart. He has supple Virgo Sun trine Saturn in Taurus, a terrific earthy combination. Venus trines Neptune in water, with Moon in Pisces, bringing compassion and empathy to the forefront of his life. Watching him at work feels like a religious experience at times, eh? His intuition is so amazing. I've saved the most interesting aspects for last. Mercury conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, and all 3 in close opposition to Chiron. Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter: quick thinking, unusual, intuitive, independent, freedom loving, futuristic, big ideas, well read, loves to travel, loves to talk, optimistic. Now I ask you, opposition to Chiron means WHAT exactly? The ability to see 'low self worth' in dogs and help them by retraining their owners? He figures out a way to make a living while helping others, in freedom loving style, as a personal trainer, based on his own astonishing intuitive abilities. Whatever part is due to Chiron, I don't know, but you gotta love the guy.God bless you, Cesar Millan.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your interpretations of Jon Stewart and Caesar Milan's charts. Your concise and intuitive insights are right on the money.
    Please continue to post these kinds of charts.
    Thank you !

    With Salaamz,

  2. Oh thank you my little tulip, I so enjoy your glorious words!