Thursday, January 21, 2010

The astrology of Walmart

Last night I watched a show about Walmart, so I was of course curious about the astrology.This is the chart for the very first Walmart, which opened July 2, 1962 in Rogers Arkansas. Sam Walton had other stores, but this isn't about Sam, it's about Walmart, so I think this is the one I wanted to see. Couldn't find a time, so this is a natural chart for 8-9 AM. WHAT a chart! It confirms that EXACT aspects are ever so much stronger. Sun and Moon in Cancer (so the new moon was the day before). Always great for new beginnings. Sun makes an astonishingly exact grand trine with Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. Sun trine Jupiter, great good fortune. Sun trine Neptune, understanding the pulse of the public. But Sun trine Chiron? Really, I am having great doubts about the whole "wounded healer" ideas. Some folks are saying that Chiron represents Free Enterprise, and in this chart that surely makes more sense. The Moon is EXACTLY on the mid point of Mercury and Venus, how much clearer could it be shown that at Walmart the focus is on the constantly changing wants and needs of their overwhelmingly female customers. Sun, Chiron and Neptune are all at 10 degrees - and so is Saturn. What about the Mars Uranus square? Walmart "broke the rules" in so many ways, beginning with putting a priority on rural communities. Most of us never think of what it was like living in isolated rural communities, with only small overpriced stores to shop in, and a total lack of selection. People who could afford it shopped when they traveled, and ordered from catalogs. Poor folks wore hand me downs. Walmart changed everything, and gave people the sense of dignity that comes from being able to show up on the first day of school or a job wearing new clothes.

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