Saturday, January 30, 2010

Steve Jobs astrology

I'm SO excited about the new iPad! Go Apple! I was interested in Steve Jobs chart, so of course I thought you would be, too. Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries, Virgo rising. Cardinal cosmic cross, so of course, lets begin there.Cardinal signs are all about beginning, starting, taking risks. He has 6 cardinal planets! Venus in Capricorn, loves to work. Square Mars at the last degree of Aries. Squares reveal inner conflict, in this case let's go faster, no, lets make sure everything will last, will support what is to come. Venus in opposition to Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Jupiter is one of the rules of Pisces. He not only loves to work, he not only wants to go FAST, he wants everything to be extravagantly unique. Mars squares Jupiter/Uranus, he has a lot of inner conflict, maybe even anger management issues, because he wants to be first, but demands that everything be SO futuristic and SO perfect, it can't be a picnic to work with/for this guy. So far, so obvious. Neptune adds imagination and the desire for beauty, and Apple is known for beautiful products. Now Pluto and Saturn aspect most of these planets, too. So we know he has drive, intensity, is driven to succeed. We still just seem to be describing the obvious. I took a look at his progressions, since it's been what most of us would call a pretty tough year, what with liver cancer and a transplant. Progressed Sun was exactly conjunct his natal Mars in April when he had the transplant,  then moved into a new sign in November 09. Since the progressed Sun only changes signs once every 30 years, this is notable. And that same month, November 09, the progressed Moon returned to the same spot as when he was born. This is also quite rare, every 28 years. And my oh my aren't we surprised, this is the month that Fortune Magazine named him CEO of the DECADE! As for his health, the 2 combined look like a new beginning. As does the iPad. Thank you so much, Steve Jobs, for all that you have given our world.

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