Monday, April 19, 2010

Waco, Oklahoma City and Timothy McVeigh's Astrology

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The first thing I noticed was Mars in Aries rising when Waco was attacked, with the Leo Moon exactly trine.
Mercury at 17 Aries didn't seem as significant, but Timothy McVeigh had Saturn conjunct Venus (his ruling planet) and his North Node all at 17-18 Aries conjunct that Mercury.  Venus conjunct Saturn represents the serious responsible side of love. Waco spoke to him. As a serious lover of America, a soldier who believed in honoring his commitments, he accepted the responsibility to make sure the voices of Waco would be remembered. Not with wreaths or poetry, but with action. A psychiatrist who interviewed Timothy was asked "Is he crazy?" "No," came the reply "he's SERIOUS."

Transiting Saturn 20 Pisces was exactly opposition Chiron 20 Virgo, and they were exactly on top of his natal Saturn opposition Pluto when he set off the bombs in Oklahoma City.  His natal Mars 19 Taurus was the 'helper', trine and sextile all of the above. 
Transiting Mars helped too, trine that Venus/Saturn/N Node.

I can't help but wonder - if he had found a serious sensitive woman who loved him, could that natal Saturn Pluto Mars have resulted in a deep intense love affair instead of violence?

I can almost hear him reply "But then, would ANYONE have remembered Waco and the great atrocity committed by the US government?"

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