Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pope Benedict in the line of fire

Click on chart for better view
StarIQ's Jeff Jawer has a terrific article about the trials and tribulations of Pope Benedict. Looks like he wrote it before the graffiti vandalism at the Popes birthplace, which happened today with the new Moon in Aries. See Jeff's article here: http://stariq.com/Main/Articles/P0010114.HTM

Thought you would like to see the chart, too.
Transiting Uranus 28 Pisces is EXACTLY conjunct his Mercury while transiting Saturn has moved back into opposition. All of these EXACTLY square his Mars 29 Gemini.
And he is having his Jupiter return EXACTLY conjunct his Ascendant.
Once again, I think EXACT is much much stronger than just "close".

Jupiter rules Pisces, so strong in it's own sign. Pisces rising, so Jupiter is ruler of the ascendant, AND conjunct the ascendant.  A peaceful spiritual teacher if that was all. But his first house is FULL of energy. Mercury in Pisces conjunct radical Uranus in Aries, then the Aries Sun and Chiron in Taurus. THREE signs represented! WOW!

When Jupiter and Uranus jJjJjump into Aries this June they will conjunct his Uranus and hang out there all summer. It's difficult to follow a really strong act, and Pope John Paul was revered by millions for 26 years. Will Benedict be able to guide the changes that are required, or will they overwhelm him? Will the compassion and empathy of Pisces be at the forefront, or will he look cold, rigid and uncaring? Time will tell.

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