Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Runway astrology: Anthony Williams

Oh Anthony, we are SO glad you returned like Chris March! It was great to see you turn it around and win as soon as you returned.

"Miss Thing has a big old butt!" "Did my rollers fall out of my hair?" "I thought I would disintegrate standing here, so thank you, I survived your words!" "I left my feelings in Atlanta Georgia."
Who in the world would have thought Anthony would have Mercury in Aries EXACTLY opposition Jupiter? LOL
In one episode the other contestants challenged him to be quiet, then timed him and he went almost FIFTEEN minutes without speaking! Here is a video of some of his funniest moments Anthony Williams video

His Moon in Gemini would also account for his very versatile vocalizing. ;>) Of course I'm using a noon chart, so we don't know the exact degree. We do know it's in the 20s, so opposition Neptune.

Aries Sun EXACTLY conjunct Mars AND Venus.  Like I always say, EXACT is WAY stronger than "close". Mars conjunct the Sun has the strength and energy to get whatever he desires, and Venus makes his desires more beautiful. Wish I could work so hard, be able to think so creatively, while deprived of sleep for weeks at a time. Actually, I would have cried to go home the 3rd day! We love you Anthony, and we will sure miss you when the season ends.

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