Sunday, February 6, 2011

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius square Sun in Taurus WORD CLOUD

I went to one of my favorite websites, 
Copied what they said about transiting Neptune square the Sun, 
pasted it in here.
Then I went through and erased a lot, 
highlighted a lot, 
and added my own words here and there.
Created more of a WORD CLOUD
Sort of like the cooking technique known as Semi-Homemade!
I strongly urge you to find a website whose advice you listen to, 
COPY it, and then make it your own!
See how the highlighted words and phrases match your experience.

The planet Neptune is currently at 27 degrees of the sign Aquarius
This creates a very strong affect on our someone with Sun 26 Taurus.
Here is what we would expect to see.

 More OPEN now to influence, which is tough for a bull!
 you might come across as impractical
Self deception can be an issue
crisis of identity 

more refined

direction in which you want to head.

 very inspired time. 

 For a musician, this is a key time in life.
Recognizing that you need more on a spiritual level can help you handle the transit more constructively.
Energy levels may be low or up-and-down
 inclined towards laziness or passivity-

You might miss out on opportunities, life is always about choices
might regret "letting life pass you by"

confusion satisfy ego. lost your edge
R U avoiding responsibilities,
or taking much needed rest?
"identity crisis"
Your self-image is being re-worked,  

sense of purpose.
BECAUSE it is happening in FIXED signs,
it brings out all of his "I will never give in to pressure" stuff.

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