Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking for transits? Here is how to find the ones that you can really feel

"HOW do I BEGIN? you wail"
You look at the chart.
Find the Sun Moon Mercury Venus and Mars
These we call PERSONAL energy pattern, or INNER planets
even though lord knows we know vry well indeed that the sun and moon arn't planets, Jeb!

So now we are looking for energy that will be set off by Pluto passing by in Capricorn.

This chart doesn't have any Capricorn.
 It does not have any earth.
It does however have other cardinal energy: 
Cancer, cardinal water.

So we know that he will eventually have Pluto to deal with, opposing his Sun and Mercury.
That won't be for a couple of YEARS.
However, this same dynamic cardinal energy will be activated 
very soon by Jupiter.

Aries is also a cardinal sign. 
And this Aries energy will be in a tense yet very productive aspect to his Cancer Sun and Mercury.

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