Thursday, November 11, 2010

Practice: 8 year 2 month

Ah, now I am seeing more of the pattern.

Look at the cauliflower, now look at a piece of it. They "look alike". Well, not quite, but the pattern is what is called 'self similar'. Astrology reveals the 'self similar' pattern within things, not always visible to the eye.

If I am understanding this very very 'new to me' style, we are currently in an 8 year, and have just entered a 2 month. Here is the graph with that added.
Notice how the 8 lines up. Look at the first row. The 8 is always in the center. The 2 is always in the left hand row. What the heck that MEANS to our lives I don't know ...yet. But from using many other 'self similar' tools, my guess is it means quite a lot.

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