Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have you ever looked into 9 Star Ki?

9 numbers, each in the center of it's own 9 star pattern

We JUST returned from our 5,291 mile by car cross country road trip end of October. That was after spending 5 months working in Montana, so we are HIP HIP HOORAY happy to be home and resume our California life.

Here in San Luis Obispo county (SLO) I belong to a wonderful little astrology group called SLO Astrologers. We have been chugging along for 5 years or so now, and manage to pull together a presentation and meeting twice a month. Every fall I am eager to see everyone, and jump back into A S T R O L O G Y, the love of my life. 

The first meeting of November was a presentation of 9 Star Ki by the author, Robert Sachs. Lucky for me he had more of the books, I bought one and now want more. He is offering a class soon. YEAH. The way I learn is graphics, so I am making graphics. I though you might be interested, too. 

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