Monday, March 8, 2010

Jupiter in PIsces meets up with the gang

VIDEO Jupiter in Pisces meets up with the gang

Yesterday we looked at Sun/Mercury square Mars. 
This month the whole gang is getting a visit from cheerful friendly Jupiter in Pisces.

We experience EVERY transit as a wave. WE WAVE BACK!
The energy surges in and out, waves form.
Sand moving, shifting.
We are energy beings, and we are moved.
The wave form is pretty much the same day in and day out.
and again
Quick passes like the Moon moving through each number in about 2 hours.
Long long endless passes like Pluto sitting at one spot, moving a degree this way, a degree that, with seemingly endless pauses, for 2 long years.
Jupiter is somewhere in between.
In this case, it moves 6 degrees in one month, really fast!
Gives us a chance to really experience our own inner wave.
Look at your chart to see what you have at the numbers 10 to 17.
Put them in number order, regardless of sign.
Now visualize Jupiter activating one at a time, in order, as it moves through the month.
I'm not saying the angle doesn't matter, or that the aspect doesn't matter.
But this is a way to heighten your experience of the wave action.
You are much more likely to 'know' this already if you have person planets (Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars) in the mix.
Not an event, but a predictable wave within you, known to you already like you know the beating of your own heart.

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